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Clinical Scientist Training:

As part of the Scottish Training Consortium we deliver Clinical Scientist training. Typically there will be 2-3 trainees recruited per year.

A trainee will typically complete the MSc in Medical Physics at the University of Glasgow, although if they already have an IPEM accredited Msc they will go straight to work based  placements.

Healthcare Science is currently undergoing possibly its biggest ever hiatus with the advent of "Modernising Scientific Careers" and the "Scientist Training Programme" (STP).  

With health being devolved, Medical Physics in Scotland has elected not to pursue this route and trainees will follow a slightly different Scottish scheme which  allows them to demonstrate equivalence  to STP.

Scottish recruitment to the national training programme is centralised. Funding is from NES. An advert will go out in January on the following web page: NHS recruitment.  Typing the key words "training" or "medical physics" ought to do the trick. 

The department offered a site visit to prospective applicants on Tuesday 5 February 2019. Contact Ann McQuiston if you wish to visit.

Clinical Technologist Training:

The department have aligned their training of technologists to the Scopes of Practice that are expected to be the basis for Statuary registration. The training is done mostly in-house in association with IPEM (Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine). Staff with existing achedemic qualifications, and often prior work experience, are employed and enter the scheme where they will learn to integrate their existing knowledge and skills into the Medical environment. At the same time they will become Competent to practice in a chosen area. Some subjects, such as Anatomy & Physiology, are delivered at a local college. Training, dependent on previous experience not necessarily in the Medical field, will take between 1 & 3 years.

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