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NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Scotland

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Lead: Professor Barrie Condon
Head of Imaging Physics
GG&C Health Board, MRI Unit
Institute of Neurological Sciences
Govan Road
G51 4TF

Primary Areas of Research and contacts:

Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI)
Dr. David Brennan

MRI in Cardiology
Dr. John Foster

MRI in Paediatrics
Dr. John Foster

MR Spectroscopy
Prof. Barrie Condon

Pre-clinical MRI and MRS
Prof. Barrie Condon
(see also )

MRI Safety
Prof. Barrie Condon

MRI: Brain and hippocampal volumetry, including hippocampal substructures
John McLean

Dr. Alice Nicol

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Dr. Gerry Gillen


DCPB Imaging staff supply physics support to 14 clinical 1.5T MR systems and one clinical 3T system as well as to a 3T research cardiac imaging system at the BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre and two 7T pre-clinical systems at the Glasgow Experimental MRI Centre at the University of Glasgow. They also supply clinical and research support to 15 Nuclear Medicine gamma cameras, a PET scanner, a cyclotron, a dedicated NeuroSPECT scanner and two DEXA systems.


MRC, Sackler Foundation, Wyeth TMRI, SINAPSE, Neurosciences Foundation, Scottish Enterprise

Full publications since 2005:

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